Pono Music


This Kickstarter campaign video is more star-studded than the Grammy’s itself – Tom Petty, Norah Jones, Eddie Vedder, Mumford & Sons, Beck…the list goes on. All to endorse Neil Young’s service Pono Music, a music download service/music player aiming to revolutionize the music industry. Compressed, low quality audio has become extremely prevalent, with most audio files being compressed to only five percent of the data that the original analog recording master offered. Pono will give consumers the opportunity to experience the music at the quality and fidelity that it was originally intended. The iPhone, being the most common method of listening, only supports 48 kHz and 16-bit playback while the Pono Player supports 192 kHz and 24-bit playback. The difference between these audio qualities are ineffable in the recording studio but I am somewhat skeptical of its effectiveness on a mobile device. I gotta hand it to Young though for his marketing campaign that has already trumped its goal with 33 days left. Definitely worth a look and listen especially to professional musicians and audiophiles who have at least 4 bills to spare.


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